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Domestic or commercial, small or big budget, we can provide the perfect swimming pool cover for your needs, as well as offering repair and installation.

These range from cost-effective “air bubble” covers, up to our most prestigious professional pool covers designed for larger pools and commercial environments.

With excellent knowledge of the pool covers we can supply and fit, our team can discuss your requirements and suitable ranges for you. Ask about our Professional Pool Covers, a quality range of covers that we are authorised to supply and install, with solar/electric options, as well as mobile ‘wheel’ based covers, with features such as wireless control and enhanced safety features, and more.

A hot tub can be used all year round, indoors or outdoors, providing the perfect stress relief.

We can make sure yours runs well whatever the season.

Rather than tie you into a 12 month contract, our service agreements allow you to cancel whenever you want with just three months notice.

Why do we work this way? We’re confident you will be 100% happy with our services, and want to keep things as easy as possible for you.

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